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SQZ-137CTN Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters of Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Cutting width (mm)1370
Max. cutting height (mm)165
Max. cutting length (mm)1450
Main Power (kW)4
Net weight (kg)4700
Machine width (mm)With side working table2870
Without side working table2385
Total length (mm)2785
Machine height (mm)1650
Length of front working table (mm)735
Height of working table (mm)900
Pressure (daN/BS)Min.: 150
Max.: 5500
Min. cutting depth (mm)Without auxiliary panel25
With auxiliary panel95
Cutting speed (t/m)45
Voltage (V)380
Package size (mm)2950×1550×2000

With great cutting capacity, the SQZ-137CTN double hydraulic paper cutting machine can achieve cutting width of 1370mm, maximum cutting height of 165mm and cutting length of 1450mm.

This hydraulic paper cutter is operated under the set program, which fully realizes motor-driven cutting, automatic cutting and automatic tool retraction. In this way, labor is greatly saved and working efficiency is improved.

The infrared path shows the position of cutter feeding and enables more accurate rod indication of the cutting size. Also, the motor with electromagnetic brake ensures reliable and timely shutdown when the cutting is in right place, fully guaranteeing the quality of paper cutting. In addition, this postpress machine supports automatic tool change.

Shenda Machine is a professional double hydraulic paper cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including digital paper cutting machine, hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine, paper die cutting machine, and more.

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