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SQZ-155CTN Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters of Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Cutting width (mm)1550
Max. cutting height (mm)165
Max. cutting length (mm)2000
Main Power (kW)7.5
Net weight (kg)5800
Machine width (mm)With side working table3550
Without side working table2825
Total length (mm)2950
Machine height (mm)1730
Length of front working table (mm)750
Height of working table (mm)900
Pressure (daN/BS)Min.: 200
Max.: 6000
Min. cutting depth (mm)Without auxiliary panel35
With auxiliary panel120
Cutting speed (t/m)45
Voltage (V)380
Package size (mm)3700×1600×2300

Designed and produced in accordance with the most advanced industry standard, the SQZ-155CTN double hydraulic paper cutting machine is equipped with a SHARP TFT touch display screen and multi-language user interface, which is easy to operate. This post printing equipment is also designed with shortcuts that further simplify operation.

Our print finishing equipment comes with an efficient turbine drive, which greatly improves the work efficiency and ensures the cutting speed of 45 times/min. AC servo motor is adopted to control the movement of the paper pusher, and the positioning precision reaches 0.01mm. Also, stepless speed regulation is easily achievable, with the maximum speed of 24m/min.

As a China-based double hydraulic paper cutting machine manufacturer, Shenda Machine also offers hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, paper die cutting machine, fully automatic hydraulic paper cutting machine, and more.

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