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QZWK-130CT Digital Paper Cutting Machine

Digital Paper Cutting Machine

Technical parameters of Digital Paper Cutting Machine

Cutting width (mm)1300
Max. cutting height (mm)130
Max. cutting length (mm)1300
Main Power (kW)4
Net weight (kg)3700
Machine width (mm)With side working table2800
Without side working table2450
Total length (mm)2580
Machine height (mm)1560
Length of front working table (mm)735
Height of working table (mm)900
Pressure (daN/BS)Min.: 150
Max.: 4500
Min. cutting depth (mm)Without auxiliary panel25
With auxiliary panel90
Cutting speed (t/m)45
Voltage (V)380V, 3PHASE / 220, 3 PHASE / 415V, 3PHASE
Package size (mm)2650×1520×1850

Compared with QZWK-92CT, the QZWK-130CT digital paper cutting machine has better cutting performance. The maximum cutting width and cutting length are both 1300 mm, and the cutting thickness is 130 mm. A dual guide rail linear mechanism is used for paper feeding.

This print finishing equipment comes with a 7-inch true color display screen and shortcut keys for easy operation. Electrical components are introduced from ABB, Omron, or other world-renowned suppliers. Due to the adoption of intelligent control, the time for paper pressing and cutting, as well as the calibration point for paper pushing can be set freely. Many functions, such as counting, self-checking and fault code display, are also available.

During use, the lead screw of the paper pusher should be applied with lubricant frequently, and the gap of the screw nuts should be checked quarterly if possible. If the digital paper cutter is idle for a long period of time, please wipe the surface clean, coat anti-rust oil, and cover the paper cutting machine with a plastic cover.

Shenda Machine is an experienced digital paper cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, plastic sheet die cutting machine, and double hydraulic paper cutting machine.

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