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  • QZWK-92CT Digital Paper Cutting MachineA hydraulic worm gear reducer is adopted for the main drive system, with the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency, large bearing capacity, and low energy consumption.
  • QZWK-130CT Digital Paper Cutting MachineDue to the adoption of intelligent control, the time for paper pressing and cutting, as well as the calibration point for paper pushing can be set freely. Many functions, such as counting, self-checking and fault code display, are also available.

Digital Paper Cutting Machine

The computer system of the digital paper cutting machine is equipped with highly advanced products. The 7-inch displaying panel made in Taiwan offers multicolor at your proposal. There are 30 groups of storage with each group having 108 cut, and the storage time can last 300,000 hours. The multi-language operating interface, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, etc. is accessible for customers from different countries. The luminous shortcut key is set to ensure high stability.

As for the electrical control system, components of well-known brands, such as ABB, Schneider, and Omron, are adopted. The air pump is brought in from Taiwan Houbang. The hydraulic units of the digital paper cutting machine are all ISO approved. The accessories provided along with this postpress machine include a tool box, a manual book, an operational CD, and a warranty leaflet.

Safety Protection System
1. The blade from Shanghai IKS is reliable and enduring, and it is safe and convenient to use the blade-replacement device.
2. A mat cutter ejector is adopted by our paper cutter.
3. The chrome plated air cushion platform is anti-rust.
4. A multi-circuit infrared protection device from Shanghai ZONHO is adopted. It has obtained CE marking.
5. A worm gear reducer is used.

As an experienced digital paper cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Shenda Machine provides a variety of products that includes hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, paper die cutting machine, and more.

Other Products
  • QZTK-92CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineEquipped with an industrial LED display, the QZTK-92CT fully automatic paper cutting machine will provide images of high brightness and saturation. Without strobe light, ultra-violet, infrared, or radioactive contamination, the LED display causes no harm to human eyes.
  • QZTK-130CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineThis program controlled paper cutter is equipped with an industrial TFT display, i.e. thin film transistor display, which features high contrast ratio, plentiful color gradation, and brilliant colors.