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Leather Die Cutting Machine

Leather Die Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters of Leather Die Cutting Machine

Max. rule length (m)<30
Inner chase size (mm)930×670
Speed (strokes/min)23±3
Overall dimensions (mm)1850×1600×1650
Overall weight (kg)3800
Motor power (kW)5.5

The ML-930E leather die cutting machine is aimed at cutting leather-like soft materials. With the relatively light weight of 3800kg, it is easy to transport and install. Thanks to the standard touch keyboard, it is simple to set various technical parameters of this die cutting equipment.

As a specialized postpress machine manufacturer in China, we equip our die cutter with sharp blade which enables easy and fast cutting, thus effectively solving the problems of common equipment such as blank edge and burr and realizing better visual effect of the leather products. With the inner chase size of 930×670mm and the maximum rule length of less than 30m, this leather die cutting machine will satisfy different customers.

Shenda Machine is a China-based leather die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as fully automatic hydraulic paper cutting, digital paper cutting machine, and hot foil stamping and die cutting machine.

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