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High Precision and Multi-duty Laminator / Laminating Machine

High Precision and Multi-duty Laminator / Laminating Machine

The LFM-1100 high-precision and multi-duty laminator is a newly developed product geared to the market demand. It is applicable to oil-type, water-based, and dry-type lamination. The main machine integrates gluing, drying, and laminating, which is convenient to operate.

Combining mechanical, electric and pneumatic elements, this laminating machine has advantages of stable running, flexible operation, and easy maintenance. It is widely used for laminating films on many materials, such as the cover of books and periodicals, pictures, calendars, cards, sample books, packing boxes, etc. This industrial laminator is ideal equipment for printing, packaging and laminating factories to improve the quality of printed matters and reduce the processing cost.


Max. paper width1100mm
Paper thickness100-500gsm
Laminating temperature80-120℃
Laminating pressure0-25MPa
Total power60kW

1. With a vertical design, the main machine takes less area and saves material.
2. Compared with the bridge type drier, the drying system of this industrial laminating machine makes the glued film work steadily without deviation.
3. A large diameter steel roll is used as the primary composite roll and an oil heating system is adopted, making the surface temperature of the roller uniform and stable.
4. The film is pressed pneumatically. The human machine interface makes it easy to operate the laminator.
5. Our laminating machine is equipped with three carts to facilitate winding.
6. The main machine adopts PLC and frequency control. The working speed can be adjusted stably and flexibly.
7. Glue dosing adopts the two-way pneumatic diaphragm pump for circulation, which is convenient and stable to operate.
8. Different methods of film coiling rubber roller can be chosen, according to different types of film.

We are an experienced high precision and multi-duty laminator / laminating machine manufacturer in China. We provide a variety of products, including hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, digital cutting machine, die cut machine, among others.

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