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Fully Automatic High Speed Water-Based Laminator / Laminating Machine

Fully Automatic High Speed Water-Based Laminator / Laminating Machine

The SDFM-1100 fully automatic high speed water-based laminator is designed for the film lamination using water-based glue. It is also applicable to the glueless film lamination, pre-coated film lamination, and the film lamination using oily adhesive.


Max. paper size1100×1200mm
Min. paper size300×300mm
Laminating speed10-65m/min
Paper thickness100-500gsm
Gross power60kW

Working Process
The film is coated with water-base glue and then dried through the big drying roller. Meanwhile, the automatic paper feeder conveys paper sheets to the laminating unit. Then the coated film is laminated on the paper surface through the heating and pressurization of pressure roller. The laminated products can be wound into a tubular shape. Alternatively, they can be collected manually or automatically after the film is cut out by a disc cutter and pulled off by a perforating wheel.

1. This fully automatic laminator is equipped with a pre-stack paper feeder which improves work efficiency, and the belt conveyor furnished with air aspirator makes paper feeding more stable.

2. The de-dusting system installed in our high speed laminator can effectively remove the dust on paper surface and greatly improve lamination quality.

3. The mirror lamination roll of large diameter is equipped with a water circulation heating system.

4. The speed of the imported ceramic anilox can be adjusted independently via frequency control, making gluing more uniform and avoiding glue waste.

5. Inflatable shaft coupled with clutch tension control system is used for film release.

6. Easy to operate, the adjustable inflatable shaft makes it more convenient to load and release the film. It ensures that the film remains flat without wrinkling during gluing and laminating.

7. The imported servo motor and high-precision side lay ensure that the paper is precisely positioned and can be adjusted during the operation of the film laminator.

8. The pneumatic paper collector adopted by our laminating machine is easily adjustable.

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